Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Surgery. . . Success!

Lily's surgery went very well yesterday despite my nerves. I started getting a nervous stomach Monday night and it lasted all day yesterday. It was hard to watch my baby cry and hit my chest because she was hungry and not be able to feed her. She didn't understand. Watching the surgery assistant wheel my baby away from me into the OR was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. That's when the tears really came. Once surgery got started I did pretty well. We had friends and family waiting with us. They really helped distract me from thinking of Lily in surgery all day. We played cards and talked and before I knew it, the audiologist came out to tell us that one ear was done and that all 22 electrodes were working! Yay! A little over an hour later she came back out to tell us the second ear was done and all 22 electrodes were working! It was a 4 hour surgery, but it really seemed to go fast with all the distractions we had around us. I'm so glad they were there; otherwise I would've worried and had an upset stomach for 4 hours. Dr. Kang told us we would see the outline of the magnets in her head because the bone of her skull is thin since she is a baby. We haven't seen it yet since the bandages are still on. If she leaves the bandages alone, we'll leave them on until Friday. I'll probably post more pictures then. There are also more pictures of surgery day here. Thanks to everyone who was thinking and praying for us.

Lily with her surgeron, Dr. Kang

Lily's daddy and I holding Lily's CI koalas while we waited for her to come out of surgery

Lily's IV

Just waking up after surgery

Getting ready to go home, 2 hours after sugery

Our family at home after surgery

Matching bracelets for the girls that waited for Lily to come out of sugery: Me, Lily (hers is on her ankle), my mom, my cousin Courntey, and my girlfriend Laura

Grandmommy getting Lily ready for bed

Morning after surgery, feeling better


  1. I'm so glad everything went well, so exciting!! Activation day is just around the corner YEAH!!

  2. Glad things went so well yesterday. The fact that they got all 22 in is great!
    Looking forward to hearing how the activations goes.

  3. awwww, I remember those days.So cute.

  4. Yeah! So happy to hear that everything went well. These babies bounce back from surgery so quickly, it is just amazing.

    Now that this part is behind you, you can look forward to activation day! It will be here before you know it!

  5. Wow, can't believe the surgery is over!! We are very excited for you. Very exciting to know all 22 electrodes are working and that activation day is a short time away. Sienna's just "turned on" on Tuesday, wow, what an experience! As Tammy wrote on our blog, enjoy this "quiet" time between surgery and activation because before you know it, Lily will be hearing!!

  6. So glad that surgery went well! That's so great that all electrodes are working too! YAY! Now the next countdown begins!

  7. wonderful! i've been on vacation, so blog checking occasionally- great news! now...activation!