Friday, March 13, 2009

Lily's First Sound Booth

Yesterday Lily had her first sound booth check to find out if she is hearing anything with her hearing aids. It's hard to tell with babies as young as Lily is, but we think she responded to sound at 80 dB. Not really great, but it's something. When we found out she was deaf, she was responding at 95 that's a 15 dB gain. Still no where near the speech banana (40 to 60 dB). Her audiologist turned her hearing aids up in hopes that we might see some more responses to environmental sounds (sounds in her everyday life). After her appointment we went to eat at Genji's Japanese Steakhouse. They bang a drum really loudly when it is someone's birthday. There was a birthday at the table next to us and the staff walked RIGHT by Lily, banging on that drum. No response. She didn't turn to the sound or even stop sucking her bottle. She did, however, notice the fire on the grill every time. She is still very much getting her information about this world visually.


  1. 80 dB is something! That's great! (Lucas never responded to any sounds until his CI was activated) Sorry I never got back to you... Lucas only has 1 CI, but we're hoping to get him a 2nd soon (although there are medical complications surrounding that at the moment...) If I could do it all over again, I would bilaterally implant him by 10 months. If I have another deaf baby, we will find a new CI center and go that route.

    Japanese steakhouse sounds yummmmmmy!!!

  2. 80 db is wonderful!! It's something better than where she started! This actually brought tears to my eyes & chills because this is where Aiden started and I was amazed, because we were told not to expect anything from his aids. Remember, no matter how she does, know those aids are stimulating those auditory nerves and that means so much! Talk, talk, talk to that sweet baby!