Friday, February 13, 2009

Growing So Fast

It seems like as soon as Lily gets new ear molds for her hearing aids, they're too small and we need new ones. When the molds get too small it's easy for Lily to take them out. Here she is with her right hearing aid in her hand. She had just taken it out.
We just got new molds on Monday and I'm calling the audiologist today to schedule an appointment to have new molds made. How can she grow so much in just 5 days? It's amazing! I can tell when they're getting too small because they squeal and buzz more. I can also hear my voice in her hearing aids when I'm close to her. I don't hear any of that when the molds are brand new.

I still don't notice a change in behavior when Lily has her hearing aids on. However, Lily's daddy says she gets quiet for a few minutes right after he puts her hearing aids on in the morning. So maybe...? She doesn't react to loud clapping, banging, or shouting right behind her ears. It'll be interesting to find out what she is hearing or not hearing at her next sound booth appointment in March.


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  2. I remember those days well... how frustrating with the feedback! Does her audi ever double/triple/quadruple dip the ear molds? Lucas's audi used to do that so he wouldn't grow out of them so quickly. It does get better... hang in there!

  3. I'm going to ask to have the molds double or triple dipped at our next appointment. What a great idea! We go on Tuesday.