Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Results of CT Scan and CI Surgery

Lily's CT on Friday went well. Thanks for all the prayers. I'm glad it's finally over. I wasn't sure if she was going to actually go to sleep this time. We tried to get the scan back in January with a rectal sedative and she wouldn't go to and stay asleep so it had to be rescheduled. This time they started off with the smallest dosage and kept increasing it until they gave her all they could give her for her weight. She just kept fighting sleep. She would close her eyes and then open them and stare at all of us. She finally went to sleep and we got the scan. I hated watching them strap her down and stick a needle in her foot for the I.V. After the scan, she woke up just fine and all that's left to remind us of the whole thing is a little bruise on her tiny little foot.

Dr. Kang, her surgeon, called tonight to tell us everything looks normal on the scan. No problems. The CI team reviewed Lily last Thursday and decided she is a great candidate to receive a cochlear implant. So now we're submitting paperwork to the insurance company in the morning. No one was in the ENT clinic on Friday, Dr. Kang isn't in the office on Mondays, and he's in surgery all day on Tuesdays, so tomorrow is the first he'll have the chance to sign the paperwork. Hopefully it will be faxed to our insurance company tomorrow morning. Please keep your fingers crossed for an approval for bilateral implants under 12 months. The CI team isn't very hopeful. They told us that insurance companies are denying surgery under 12 months more and more. If insurance approves it, Lily will be having simultaneous bilateral cochlear implant surgery this summer. However, if we're denied, we've decided to get one implant in July with money from BCMH and one implant in November (Lily's first birthday) with money from insurance. Dr. Kang said there won't be a problem with BCMH paying for one and insurance paying for the other. He told us that if for some reason insurance gives us a problem with the second implant, BCMH will pay for it. So she will get two implants regardless.

We really wanted for Lily to only have to have one surgery, but we also want her to hear as soon as possible. As of right now, we are scheduled for surgery on one ear July 1. At that time, Lily will be one week away from 8 months old. Those of you who have already been through this know how stressed and excited I am all at the same time. Please pray that the insurance will approve both ears under 12 months. I'll update again when I have an answer.


  1. So glad the CT scan went well (besides her fighting sleep!) and that Lily is well on her way to hearing!!! My fingers are crossed for simultaneous bilaterals!

  2. I am so incredibly excited for you!!! Glad the CT scan went well. I also wanted to let you know that my blog URL changed: http://lifewithlucasrc.blogspot.com

  3. That is great news. Glad everything went well with the CT scan and that they were able to get her to sleep long enough to do it.
    Hopefully, your insurance company with come through for you. As you said, the important thing is, she will have one done before she turns 1. Back when we started the process with Allison, they were not even doing the surgery before the kids were 18-24 months. Things sure have changed in just a few years.
    Best of luck with everything and I look forward to hearing how everything goes.
    Now that my kids are out of school, I would love to meet you and Lily. Maybe at a park somewhere, if you are interested.

  4. Happy to hear the CT scan went well. We, too, went for one on May 28th and are waiting for the results, which we were told looks good. Your family is in our thoughts and prayers for simultaneous bilateral implantations.

  5. Damn those insurance companies they really don't get it argh! Keep holding on and pray hard for those simultaneous bilaterals! Even if Lily ends up with two surgeries she will still be bilateral and still quite young. Good luck! And Lily is adorable I just love her name.