Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Peace

We've finally gotten a little peace, not having to listen to feedback all day. Our audiologist thinks the molds are probably not a good fit, even though the impressions were just made a month ago and the same impressions were triple dipped just last week. So we're heading back to Children's tomorrow for the third time this month for new impressions. Our audi told us that we can leave the hearing aids out if the feedback is making us crazy. Since Lily doesn't seem to be responding to sound with the hearing aids, we're really just putting them on her to stimulate her auditory nerves. Our audi said we can stimulate the nerves by using the hearing aids just a few hours a day. I'm putting them on her more than that, but just a little. I don't feel so bad now. As soon as we can get some good fitting ear molds, we'll be back to wearing the hearing aids 10 hours a day. Thanks to all those who responded!

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